You create the magic, we make it sound good.


In Time

Before I flood you with post about music I felt like this is important to know. It was inspiration for me so I'm hoping to pass it on to someone else. If one person is inspired mission accomplished.

Don't you wish that you could wake up and be where you want to be with your career? If only it was that simple right. As people (not all) we tend to want things right away instead of having to wait. If only we can hit a button and fast forward. I would love it too but it's not the best route for you. Let me explain.

Boot Camp

When you decide what you want to do in life your boot camp begins. You're just getting started so you don't have experience and don't know where to begin but the key is to "start." I tried to figure everything out in my mind. Constantly thinking and planning "how am I going to do this?" I hope what I say next will change your life forever! Clarity comes from action. Did you catch that? You will not be able to figure everything out in your head. I did that for years and it's painful. Instead, just start doing things to work toward your goal. Trial and error is the best way to learn. Did I enjoy failing? Absolutely not but I learned so much. I would've never known the things I know now if I kept trying to figure things out in my head. I took action, knowing it would be hard but I wouldn't give up. During your boot camp your learning all the things you need to be great one day. I can't lie, it will be very tough to start but things will get better if you hang in there.


In the words of a fellow Engineer, "don't try to go from A-Z. Instead, go from A to B to C. You're probably thinking great, you know your alphabets, that's not helping me. This was huge for me. I wanted to be the man right away. I wanted the best studio gear and top paying clients right away. Silly rabbit... Instead, start off with your end goal. Start breaking it down into little sub goals, stepping stones. Begin with the smallest goal, accomplish it and keep moving forward. Be honest with yourself and understand that you cant go straight to the top. You have to work hard every day on your craft. When things get tough just know it's apart of your journey. Learn from your mistakes and continue to improve. 

In time, you will improve and perform on a high level. You will be successful and your passion will be your hobby. If you believe in yourself you're half way there. Don't give up and stay focus!

DeRon M