You create the magic, we make it sound good.


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Focal Point is a Mastering Studio based in Connecticut, USA. Our Engineers specialize in audio mixing and mastering. The # 1 goal is to add value to your music. The sound quality of your music is VERY important. It will affect the way people listen to your music. With our professional services we make sure you're getting the best sound. Pulling the listener into the world of your song.

Level up your sound

Now that your done recording your new project it's time to make it sound professional. Having a team of Engineers allows you to focus on your craft and improve faster without sacrificing a pro sound. Our focus is narrow. We live and breathe audio and that allows us to be professionals in the music industry. You create the magic, we make it sound good.

The Promise

We're music lovers. It's an honor to work on your project(s) so we will provide you with the best service at affordable rates. We offer a free consultation to assure our services are a good fit for your music. We look forward to working with you!



I would like to say thank you Focal Point Studio for the wonderful work. The quality is amazing and I am very satisfied with the end results. I would definitely recommend you guys to everyone. Thanks once again for your help guys.
— Jnuff
Focal Point helped me to find the sound I was looking for. I was pleased with the overall production and quality of work. Thanks to their team I was able to put out my tape in time for the big release. Thanks Focal Point Studio! Great job!
— Isaiah 808


Now that you're done recording your new project it's time to get it professionally mixed. The beauty of hiring a Mixing Engineer is you get a fresh set of ears. What does that mean? You've been listening to your new music over and over. Your ears are used to the track. Having a fresh set of ears listening to your music can quickly identify problems within your recording and improve the mix.


Mastering is the final stage of the production process. Our Mastering Engineer will make sure to eliminate any problems in the mix while adding clarity and punch to your mix. Making sure your song have the proper settings for distribution (itunes, tunecore, reverbation, soundcloud and more). 

Why Choose Focal Point Studio?

Competitive rates

Fast turn around

Experienced Engineers

Excellent customer service

Direct contact with the owner

Professional  audio mixing and mastering